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Martial Arts Can Improve Your Attention Span And Alertness Long Term

Martial Arts Can Improve Your Attention Span And Alertness Long Term

Martial arts require physical strength. However, those who train in martial arts need to have incredible mental acuity. Research has shown that mental strength is crucial to martial arts. Researchers have discovered that karate practitioners’ stronger punching power may not be due to increased muscle strength but rather to better muscle control in the brain. Another study found that Taekwondo taught children had better math test scores and improved behaviour.

This leads to an interesting question: Does martial arts training improve brain control? Or do these people choose to practice martial arts? Our team has done extensive research on this topic with some interesting results.

Martial Attention

As previous research suggests that both mindfulness and exercise may have positive effects on attention, we’ve focused our attention measurement specifically on measuring it. Martial arts could be consider a mixture of mindfulness and meditation.

Our recently published study involved 21 adults who are amateurs in martial arts, including judo, karate and taekwondo. 27 others were not familiar with the sport and took part in an attention network test. The test measures three types of attention. Executive implicated in selecting the right response to conflicting information, alerting maintaining an alertness, and orienting.

We were especially interest in the alert network. This can tell how vigilant someone is. A person with a high alert score would indicate that they are more likely to respond to unpredictable targets

Although there are some differences between martial arts in terms of core philosophies and intensity, they all share the same core principles. We did not make any distinction about which type of martial art our participants were involve in. Future research could compare these types. However, for this study, we were more interest to see how martial artists were treat than non-martial artists.

Spare Parts For The Tests

Before asking participants to participate in the computer-based task, we invited them to our lab and took their details, including the type of martial arts they have practiced, the frequency they practice it, and the years since they started. Participants were require to see five rows of arrows and respond to the direction of one of them by pressing a letter on a keyboard. C for left-facing, and M for right. Some trials gave participants a warning cue to tell them that the arrows would soon appear, while others didn’t.

Sparring is a form simulate fighting that occurs with a partner in martials arts training. This is a way for the partners to stay focused and prevent their partner from making contact. Nobody wants to be punch in their face. It is very rare for sparring opponents to be able to clearly indicate the timing of a punch. The defending partner must remain alert or vigilant at all times to ensure they are ready to avoid the punch.

Research Revealed That Martial Artists

Our research revealed that martial artists had higher alert scores than non-martials arts practitioners. This indicates that martial artists were able to respond faster to the arrows, even if they weren’t warned. This could indicate that they are more vigilant, which could be a sign of greater cognitive control.

Also, we looked into the effects of long-term martials art practice and found that those with more experience were more alert. Our tests showed that many of our participants had more than nine years experience in the sport. They were also the most alert. This indicates that martials arts are more rewarding if a person continues to practice them for a long time. This is a step beyond the obvious. It appears that improved attention might have a long-lasting effect, and not just a temporary boost.

Although martial arts could be considered to be one of many activities that can improve your health, other researchers have discovered that their practice has the potential to significantly improve the brain as well as the body.

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